Friday, May 13, 2011

Episode 005 goes live in 3...2...[silent count]

Get it from iTunes (Skeptic Wire) or right-click and downLinkload directly from here.

This Week:
- National Day of Prayer
- San Antonio has ghosts and ghost hunters!
- The coming apocalypse(s)/ Rapture(s)
- Mike Adams' The Gullible Mind Explained
- The unpronounceable Koch brothers hire some faculty in Florida
- Unskeptical local paper pushes ghost kids, bigfoot, nostril breathing
And a lesser- but not unentertaining- shadow show by The Resident Canines.
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  1. Enjoyed this episode, loved the take on Mike Adams' silliness ....

    When do the dogs get their podcast?

  2. Thanks! The dogs get their own show as soon as I can get them to say something more interesting than "Hey!" and "Heeeeey" and "Feed Me" and "Pet Me" and "Throw the ball!" and "Treat?". Probably a good show for other canines, however.