Friday, December 9, 2011

Episode 035 wanders afield causing a sensation among crop circle proponents

This Week:
00:00:30 Intro
00:02:25 Nick Lee Interview (from Atheist Alliance of America)

00:12:00 Donna and Gary talk about the San Antonio 48 Hour Film Experience
(not particularly skeptical, but it was fun!)

00:16:00 Another flu jumps pig to human

00:24:15 NJ nurses sue about helping with abortions

00:35:30 Holistic Chamber of Commerce

00:44:50 Toxic Colon Bingo (get some cards at ! Or ake your own using the supplied words (which means we're too lazy to make more

than three cards)

01:02:00 Lightning Round
01:15:00 Politics and stu
ff (oh dear: sorry)

Lightning Round Links:

And...the dogs decide to avoid the recording due to the talk of colonic irrigation and a vet visit coming up (you know: because of temperature taking and

gland expression and stuff...)

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The Big Board


  1. I enjoy listening to nice gentlemen who live down inside a well, but I'd appreciate it if you would apply just a little audio magic to make sound as if he was no longer in such an unfortunate position.

    Perhaps Mr. Lee needs some rope and tackle.

    Love, anyway,

    Charles InSanDiego

  2. As Nick Lee sat down, an old, covered well head broke open under him and he fell a few yards into a shallow abyss. Being the consummate professional Nick Lee is, he insisted on continuing the interview while help was summoned. By the time the emergency response squad arrived, we were well into the Lightning Round and it was quite too late to re-record the interview.
    We apologize for the inconvenience and offense to your ears and will hence forth give microphone technique training to all potential speaking guests. But why didn't you complain about the mime's audio?!
    On a serious not, however: thank you for the feedback, we are yet young in this and will get better.

  3. Shoot: I just realized I wrote "serious not" instead of "serious note". Sorry!