Thursday, December 22, 2011

Episode 037 drops the 'S'-bomb on the war on Christmas

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This Week:
The War of Xmas
00:00:00 Disclaimer 1 Toast to Hitchens
00:00:47 Disclaimer 2 Where-in we plan to get coal in our stockings
00:03:45 Volley 1 American Family Association attacks the USPS
00:12:03 Volley 2 AFA's Naughty or Nice List
00:23:59 Volley 3 Taking the gay out of Xmas
00:25:30 Volley 4 Displays and tone
00:37:21 Volley 5 What do you do about a myth called Santa?
00:55:47 Greg explains his song "Thank You, Santa"
00:58:54 "Thank You Santa" by Greg Perrine and Gary Laun
01:02:20 Gary explains "Seasonal Party"
01:05:08 "Seasonal Party" by Balsa Racers

And the dogs have a grand time trying to convince each other about Schroedinger's Santa: that at any one time there either is or isn't a Santa.
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  1. Short, sweet and obviously fueled by some quantities of ethanol. The songs at the conclusion were wonderful.

    I loved it.

  2. Thanks, Chris: glad you enjoyed it!