Friday, December 30, 2011

Episode 038 eulogizes, quotes, debunks, and lightnings

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This Week:
00:0030 Christmas Past

00:14:35 Christopher Hitchens tribute

00:27:50 All deaths come in threes
00:36:37 Chrisopther Hitchens quotes
00:42:50 Holiday myths debunked

00:51:30 Lightning Round

01:07:45 Sense About Science
(thank you, David Harcourt, for the link)
And some advice about driving, because...y'know...

And the dogs are far more glib than any of the hosts, but take their comments outside. regards to the "African American Ice" comment, it's in reference to jokingly 'correcting' "racist language" by indiscriminantly replacing all

uses of the word "black" with "African-American", "red" with "Native American", etc. :-)

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