Friday, December 9, 2011

Toxic Colon Bingo (prepare for podcast 035!)

David created a game to play for this week's Holistic Chamber of Commerce: Toxic Colon Bingo! Find the key words and WIN BIG!
First download one of these PDF cards and print them out:

Or make a card from this list:
Alcoholism Bad breath Damage from nicotine Indigestion Mental disorders
Allergies Bloating Fatigue Insomnia Parasite infection
Arthritis Coated tongue Headache Joint problems Proneness to infections
Asthma Colitis Hypercholesterolaemia Liver insufficiency Rhematoid arthritis
Backache Constipation Hypertension Loss of concentration Sinus congestion

Then sit back, play along with us on podcast 035 (if you're reading this after 1300 on 09Dec2011, it should be up) and of fun!

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