Thursday, March 8, 2012

Episode 048 woos it's way into your warm, primate heart

..with DANCE music!

This Week:
00:02:05 Birthdays
00:06:10 Raw milk and solar flares and the ISS sees San Antonio flashing them
00:12:30 Atheist billboard vandalized
00:29:20 Primate Sexy Time!
00:29:40 Bonobo sex and stuff
00:57:20 Lightning Round
Tornado prediction

Parliament on gay weddings



Tortilla Jesus

Witch hunter trial

And the dogs, not having opposabel thumbs or prehensile tails, decide to stay away from the proceddings, except to give occassional distant encouragement.

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The Big Board

Greg shows an example diagram from the beard study as mentioned in the Lightning Round

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