Thursday, March 22, 2012

Episode 050 knows it's about to shake rattle and roll and glide but through the magic of movies

This Week we skypoe it in!:
00:02:00 Birthday
00:08:05 188 Days between major earthquakes?
rebuttal by potholer54
00:28:40 Psychic ability study and the people behind it
00:49:40 videos
01:04:90 Lightning Round
Relative size of things
Killed for being atheist
Urns of St. Albans
NCSE and Tennessee
FAU student gets rowdy
Sex and the gym
Reason Rally 24Mar2012
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And many dogs make their presence known but defer to the sounds of Donna's air conditioner to make their points.

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No Big Board this week, but here's a picture of my notes:

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