Friday, March 30, 2012

Episode 051 flies east speaking Amanda Knief, Jehovah Phineas, and Rob Curry andspreading freethought and goodwill to all the good, thinking children

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This Week we skype it in! Again!:
00:03:40 Birthday
00:04:35 188 Day Earthquake Cycle totally off
00:06:20 Lobby Day plus arguing on the internet
00:21:57 Interview Amanda Knief
00:31:39 Reason Rally Intro
00:35:18 Interview Jehovah Phineas (Big Cross Guy)
00:44:00 Offensive things n stuff at The Rally
01:00:59 Interview Rob Curry (Florida
01:12:40 Favorite Speakers
01:19:30 American Atheist Convention

And the dogs bojangle in the background, busking money from the june bugs that Calli brings inside because she has decided they need a nice home.

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NO PICTURES FOR YOU this week. Go searching Reason Rally on facebook and the web and you might find some really cool pictures. Oh's one...or two

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