Friday, March 16, 2012

Episode 049 with Teacher Mike tag local business establishments with anti STAAR slogans.

This Week:
00:01:30 Pi Day Birthdays
00:07:19 Reason Rally is 24Mar2012 - watch for tweets and FB page posts to meetup with us if you want. Discussion of secular vs atheist and the rally
00:17:57 Comics and social commentary
00:20:13 Donna on Prehistorical graffiti
00:33:58 Texas' new testing standard STAAR with Teacher Mike
00:44:51 Kegel Excercises for men
00:48:00 Song Writing for March! Gary's Song o' t'month intro
00:55:14 Music writing discussion
01:06:19 Greg's song discussion

...and the dogs surf teh internets in teh background, leaving nasty troll messages on random websites they find deserving or undeserving of such behavior.

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The Big Board

Party on a Saturday Night Lyrics:
I felt it when we started that this party was a real good time
I could tell by your expression that I’d have to try real hard to stay in line
I knew that you were looking for a sign
In a burst of inspiration I was telling you the night would turn out fine

Through the open door the people and the music maintained a steady roar
The kegs beside the pool refilling mugs of drunks clamoring for more
We’d never had so many guests before
The parking situation blocked the streets two miles to the store

Just a party on a Saturday night
All our friends pitching in to help the evening go right
Carried on until the next afternoon
It’s too long to be host I hope they’re leaving soon

Broken bottles on the porch plastic bags strewn in the lawn
People crashed out in the kitchen on the counters with their heads in bras
Don’t worry ‘bout the group back in the bathroom in the backroom with a cause
You left before the clock showed two
You left me here with all this work to do

I felt it when we started that this party could go on for evermore
When you quickly changed expression I could hear the police knocking at the door
Everyone was quickly reassured
Now I know the reason for the moat around the Castle Kerrymuir

Just a party on the next Sunday night
All our friends sleeping in avoiding the light
It continued til we ran out of brew
With more on the way they won’t be leaving soon
I said there’s more on the way so don’t be leaving soon
It’s too long to be host this weekend rendezvous
"It's All You" Lyrics

Celebrate Saint Patty’s
Only with the whiskey
The only way to party
Is with Bacchus bounty
But who wants a drunk
To come to their to-do
The balls to have a ball
It all comes down to you.

The muse calls you to drink
And fuel your gifted think
The talent for a line
Flows from that red wine
The pen don’t make the art
Or the corkscrew
The Art to making art
It all comes down to you

[INSTRUMENTAL - “Whiskey Before Breakfast” (Traditional)]

You gotta have the booze
To light your lady’s fuse.
A shot of moonshiney
To spank your honey's hiney.
The hooch don’t make you hot
Or get you past taboo
The way to be GGG
It all comes down to you.

Only with some spirit
Can you loose the corset
No fun at the fair
Repunzel let your hair.
Fairy tales are best
When the hero's true
The short of the story
It all comes down to you.

[INSTRUMENTAL - “Whiskey Before Breakfast” (Traditional)]

Now you’ve had enough.
Of wine, hooch, and stuff
Landed in A.A.
They tell you pray and pray.
But no higher power
Will help you breakthrough
Strength to get past the sauce
It all comes down to you.

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