Friday, May 4, 2012

Episode 056 in which Jordan Clipston fights The Sith or a Terrestrial near-equivalent using the Dark Arts of the Legal System

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This Week:
00:02:30 Birthday
00:08:00 Jordan Clipston and Emily Clark
00:42:55 Critical Thinking and Religiosity,0,5374010.story
00:49:43 Dan Savage Keynote at the National Scholastic Press Association And Journalism Association Convention
01:11:33 Lightning Round
Joke to hijack plane gets a guy in trouble
Blind writer and forensics
ProPatch Titanium placebos
Art and facial recognition
Pr0n vs christian malware

And the dogs keep the baddies or perceived/ alleged/ imaginary ne'er-do-wells away through liberal use of growling, barking, leaping, and generally

being a nuisance.

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