Friday, May 18, 2012

Episode 058 is winging it and winging it hard!

00:02:35 Birthday Herman Webster Mudgett
00:07:55 Porn makes healthy women go blind?
00:17:42 Religion makes your brain shrink?
00:26:20 Paleo diet 
00:47:22 Rats given frustose have memory problems
00:51:32 The only gay in the Neolithic village?
00:56:20 Lesbian Catholic High School students hold their own prom
01:02:30 Lightning Round
NASA Renovating the VAB

And the dogs try to make suggestions about how and what to record but we humans cannot understand them because, hey, they're dogs and we do not 

comprehend their language of panting, licking, barking, and the occassional gassy emission.

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