Friday, May 25, 2012

Episode 059 wins and loses in love, law, and internet argumentation

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00:00:30 Intro
00:03:10 Birthdays Bob Moog, Abdul Baha
00:07:55 SpaceX successfully launches Dragon rocket to the ISS
00:10:00 Greg removes a bible from a Military POW-MIA display
00:16:09 Antivax interactions
00:17:46 POM Schroedinger's Lawsuit
00:27:17 Coffee isn't bad for you and Oscillicoccinum news
00:35:13 Primate Sexy Time: What women want survey
00:49:22 Homosexuality, psychology, and related
01:01:30 Lightning Round

Philosophical question: if a member of The Silience looks away from the Weeping Angels, would the angel move closer or would it forget the silence?

And the dogs appear to have a construction project going on so they hammer and saw and build...whatever it is, in spite of not having opposable thumbs.

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