Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dr. Steven Novella to be on the Dr. Oz Show Tuesday

On the show titled "Why Your Doctor is Afraid of Alternative Medicines"
LinkWhat's great about the above clip is they then go into a segment where they ask "What's real and what's a lie?" as far as endorsements. What: they can't ask the same question in regards to "alternative medicine"? Ah: they assume that Oz has already done the required research he claims he has done.
Another fun quick- cut is Dr. Novella's eyes looking a bit shocked and angry, ostensibly at something Dr. Oz has said. So I bet it's going to be a fair treatment, don't you?

So it will be interesting to see how they are going to cut it: Oprah and her off-shoots have never been worried or honest in their cutting a show together to promote their woo-ish beliefs. Dr. Novella is going to have to be pithy in his replies so they cannot splice and quote-mine his side of the "conversation". I hope Dr. Novella can get a full copy of the pre-cut show, but I would imagine that is bad business practice for the O.W.N.

And hopefully, they'll put the thing online so those of us without a TV can watch it while sipping our Mountain Dews and gnawing on our Cheetos*.

* I believe these are required nutritional assistants when viewing LCD screens. They counter-act the radiation, or something.

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