Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Skeptic Wire Podcast is Live!

Skeptic Wire Episode 001 for 13Apr2011

We've done some prior recordings to get the format into a semi-reasonable and editable style, but this is the first one we are releasing into the wild and see if it can hunt on its own. Or something like that. Actually: nothing like that. Podcasts don't need to hunt. That's just silly.

Topics this week include:
- the FBI putting up a searchable database at they have a section labelled "Unexplained Phenomenon" for UFO things
- a UFO-caused Crop circle in Texas...and other UFO-y quickies
- the Templeton Prize being given to Martin J. Rees
- JREF Pigasus Awards
- Texas Legislature bills


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  1. I read the introductory paragraph of this posting, and thought, "I know who wrote this." Love it!