Thursday, April 28, 2011

iToons! We haz them!

And I am ashamed I used lolspeak. Very ashamed. I shall flagellate myself later.

We are now on iTunes...just in time for a new Episode! Although this time, as I still need to edit and upload the thing. It WILL be up in a couple of hours, though. What?! I had stuff needing doing all day. Yes!: ALL DAY! And I'm still needing the doing-age doing!

In the meantime, you can download- straight into your itunesy thingamabobs (or thingamajigs as you prefer...but NOT thingymagobs!...ok those too)- our first two Episodes. The third one is fanTAStic! You just won't believe the shenanigans we get up to this week.

Just search "skeptic wire" and all shall be revealed.

I need a short break, I think.

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