Thursday, April 21, 2011

Skeptic Wire Episode #2 is here!

It's better than that other "Episode 2" with the exceptions that THIS Episode 2 has 99.9% fewer light sabers and Jedi, and no score by John Williams. Plus, it doesn't cost you $8 and an afternoon of standing in line, in the heat, next to some six foot high 40 year old dressed as Yoda who is muttering "See it, I will...yeeesssss. Munchies will I have: movies lead to popcorn, popcorn needs soda, soda leads to baaaaaathrooom." While the 4 foot 8 Wookie next to him keeps gurgling loudly due to an unrepentant run-in with Taco Bell.

This week:
Charles Manson on Global Warming;
Kate Hudson is a WITCH!;
Non-Fiction books lie;
Psychic gets a hit;
Technology hurts our BRAAAINNSSS!;
Sex phone lines get 800 numbers;
Exorcism gone bad;
Atheists die first?;
Anti-religion (Sharia) Law in Texas;
Holistic Chamber of Commerce;
and, of course, dogs barking in the background

But why aren't we on iTunes yet?!
Apparently, I have to write an XML RSS feed file for iTunes, so that should happen next week.


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