Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rock Beyond Belief: Resubmitted

SPC Justin Griffith and the entire staff behind Rock Beyond Belief have resubmitted their paperwork to put the event on at Ft. Bragg.

A little background on the story: A while ago, Ft. Bragg helped sponsor an event by an evangelical Christian group, The Billy Graham Evangelical Association. The event was held at the largest venue on the post and attracted several thousand participants (estimates are at 45,000 attendees). Many of the military members stationed at Fr. Bragg were either strongly encouraged to attend or were flat out "volun-told" to attend. SPC Griffith was told that if any other group would or could organize a secular event of this magnitude, they would be entitled to the same venues and opportunities that Rock The Fort received.

SPC Griffith managed to pull together an organized event in record time to include many guest speakers will to waive their normal speaking fees to support such an event. At the last minute, the garrison commander concluded (against the strong recommendations of the Staff Judge Advocate's office) that this event would be moved to the Main Post Theater (seating approx 700) from the Main Parade Field. In addition, Rock the Post received over $50,000 to provide transportation, meals and lodging for the performers/speakers while Rock Beyond Belief would maintain all responsibility for speaker/performers lodging, meals and transportation. This essentially castrated Rock Beyond Belief to the point where they had to cancel the event.

Now, SPC Griffith is trying again to ensure that this event happens. He says that "I can't, I won't and I don't stop."

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